25 Easy Ways for Lions to Go Green

In addition to the environmental service projects that your Lions club has planned for this month, you can participate in April’s Protecting Our Environment global service action campaign at home and at work by making small, simple changes in your everyday life.

Here are 25 easy ways to go green!

1. Organize a work/school carpool in your neighborhood.
2. Use reusable cloth napkins instead of disposable paper napkins.
3. Don’t toss your old LION Magazines! Donate them to your local library or doctor’s offices.
4. Schedule your errands back-to-back to conserve gas.
5. Submit your club reports online through MyLCI.
6. Swap your paper lunch bag with a reusable insulated lunch tote.
7. Repair that leaky faucet.
8. Bring your own travel mug to fill at coffee shops.
9. Start a compost pile in your backyard.
10. Switch to paperless billing statements and pay your bills online.
11. Purchase a water filter and a reusable water bottle instead of buying cases of plastic disposable water bottles.
12. Throw your groceries in reusable bags instead of plastic bags.
13. Wash your laundry in cold water instead of hot.
14. Ride your bike to work.
15. Save paper by printing on both sides. Give scrap paper to your kids for coloring.
16. Line dry your laundry.
17. Use rain barrels to collect rainwater for your lawn and garden.
18. Switch to cloth diapers.
19. Repurpose glass jars as food storage containers.
20. Decrease your use of paper towels by turning old T-shirts into cleaning rags.
21. Turn off your computer every night.
22. Turn off the lights when you leave a room.
23. Buy an energy efficient appliance.
24. Support local green businesses.
25. Buy rechargeable batteries and dispose of old batteries properly.

Do you have any green tips to add?

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