12 Project Ideas to Serve Children

Lions services for children address children’s health and education needs across the globe. Help children in your community by implementing one or more of the following project ideas:


1. Organize a monthly food drive to help feed hungry children.

2. Assist with a school lunch program.

3. Work with healthcare professionals to provide free immunizations.

4. Provide baby supply kits for newborns in need.

5. Supply Braille and large-print books for blind or visually-impaired children.

6. Establish a tutoring program at your local school or library.

7. Start a reading program for preschool and grade school children.

8. Organize a toy drive for a children’s after-school center.

9. Sponsor a sports day for children with physical challenges and other disabilities.

10. Refurbish used bicycles and distribute to children.

11. Volunteer at a camp for children with diabetes.

12. Collect clothing and shoes for a battered women and children shelter.


What are the needs of children in your community, and how does your Lions club help?

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