Go Mobile: Connect with Lions

Now you can stay connected with Lions clubs wherever you go through your smart phone or mobile device! We’ve gathered our websites, blog and social media channels all in one place, so with just a tap of the finger, you can see and share how Lions everywhere are making an impact through local volunteer opportunities. Simply visit lionsclubs.org/web on your device, and follow the instructions below.

For Apple devices, such as an iPhone or iPad:

1. Tap the link above on your device, which will open the page in Safari.

2. In Safari, tap the Save To button (the middle icon at the bottom of the screen).

3. Choose “Add to Home Screen.”

4. Enter a title (ex: Lions Clubs), tap Add, and a Lions Clubs icon will appear as a bookmark on your Home Screen.

For Android devices:

1. Bookmark http://www.lionsclubs.org/web/ in your default browser (typically Chrome).

2. Open the Apps drawer and go to the widget section.

3. Find the bookmark widget and place it on your device desktop.

4. Select the bookmarked web address from Step 1, when asked by the widget creation process.

5. Now you can tap on the widget and the web address opens in your browser.

For other smart phones: Tap the link above and bookmark the page.

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