Improving Membership Satisfaction

The key to keeping your Lions club healthy and thriving is membership satisfaction. Members who are happy will continue serving their community with Lions clubs. Strengthen your club’s membership by identifying and addressing common problems that often lead to dissatisfaction.

Below, find examples of reasons why members might be dissatisfied with their Lions club, as well as ideas for improvement.

Problem: Members are not satisfied with club meetings.

Meetings that are unproductive, not enjoyable, or too hierarchal/formal are common reasons why members may not feel that the meetings are a good use of time.

Ideas for Improvement:

  • Consider using cyber meetings, email or other online tools to communicate with members quickly without the formality of a meeting.
  • Set a realistic time schedule for the meeting, and stick to it.
  • Change the location of your meetings. A different space could bring a new perspective.
  • Find out if your members enjoy the Lions customs and traditions, or if there are some they might prefer to eliminate during meetings.

Problem: Members are not satisfied with club dues/costs.

Money is an issue for many people, and members may feel that the club’s dues are too expensive.

Ideas for Improvement:

  • Eliminate a full meal at every meeting to cut costs.
  • Consider a different meeting location that may be more affordable.
  • Inform members of appropriate LCI programs that help decrease costs, such as Student or Family Membership programs.

Problem: Members are not satisfied with club service.

Perhaps members are not interested in the types of community projects your club provides, or they feel that the service focuses too little or too much on certain things (for example, not enough focus on serving the community and too much focus on fundraising).

Ideas for Improvement:

  • Regularly check with your club to determine what services members want to provide. Tailor projects to the interests and abilities of your members.
  • Identify your community’s needs and organize projects that address them.
  • Does your club do the same projects every year? Consider changing up your projects, or making minor changes to existing projects.
  • Start new projects with other groups who share the same objectives.

Visit the Membership Satisfaction page for more information. Do you have any ideas, suggestions or tips for keeping members satisfied?

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