The Journey of Recycled Eyeglasses

Eyeglass recycling is one of the most well-known sight services that Lions clubs organize worldwide in the fight against blindness. But what happens to the eyeglasses once they are collected?

1. Lions place eyeglass collection boxes at various locations around their community, including libraries, optometrists’ offices, schools and banks.

2. Lions ship the eyeglasses to the nearest Eyeglass Recycling Center. Trained volunteers then sort, clean and determine prescription strengths of the glasses.

3. Lions package the prepared eyeglasses and store them until they are needed for eyeglass-dispensing missions, which often take place in developing nations for people who do not have access to the proper eye care.

4. Eye care professionals work with trained Lion volunteers at the mission sites to perform vision screenings. They provide the appropriate recycled eyeglasses, free of charge, to children and adults in need.

May is Recycle for Sight Month! How long has your Lions club been collecting recycled eyeglasses in your community?

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