Lions Clubs and Community Needs

New members join Lions clubs to participate in local volunteer work that serves the community. In order to keep your members satisfied, it’s important to align your club activities with your community’s needs.

Assess your club and your community through these valuable options:

  • Use the How Are Your Ratings? survey to obtain feedback from your members. Find out what matters most to your members, and identify your club’s strengths and weaknesses. This survey also helps identify small problems before they become larger issues.
  • Conduct a Community Needs Assessment to identify any unmet needs within your community. Organize your projects to help meet these needs. Service projects that have a direct positive impact on your community can help encourage other community members to join Lions club.
  • Participate in the Club Excellence Process (CEP), a fun, interactive workshop that helps your club develop goals and create action plans to achieve them.

How does your Lions club identify and meet the needs of your community?

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