Facebook Tip: Post Videos

Posting videos on your club’s Facebook page is a wonderful way to share your Lions club’s story and let your community know how you’re making an impact. Follow our tips to make sure your videos are engaging viewers and effectively promoting your club’s local community service.

  • Post a short video clip of your Lions club event or project from your mobile device. Smart phones and tablets with video recording capabilities make it easy to take a quick video at your club’s project or event and post it directly to your Facebook page. You can create a video through the Facebook mobile app the same way you would take a photo: Tap the Photo button, then tap the camera icon to take a photo. Once the camera is on, you can swipe from camera to video camera on the bottom left of the screen.
  • Post videos of Lions in action. For example, planting trees or cleaning up a local beach; dancing at a Strides: Lions for Diabetes Awareness event; or helping rebuild a home. Lions and community members who visit your page want to see how your club is making a positive impact, and what’s in store for them if they decide to join.
  • Post videos from the Lions Clubs International website or Facebook page. Check out the Lions News Network for the latest Lions Quarterly video magazine, fun PSAs that help promote your club (watch the video above for a PSA that focuses on Lions feeding the hungry), and videos that feature Lions around the world serving their communities. You can also access Lions videos on YouTube, or check out what we’re posting on our Facebook page and share on your own page.


Other things to consider…

  • Don’t post a long video that will only be interesting to a small group of people. Most people don’t want to see a video of an entire club meeting, or of Lions setting up for an event, or of a long awards ceremony. Viewers will likely stop a video after three or so minutes, so keep videos short and sweet.
  • Be sure to add a description of your video. Tell viewers where you are, what you’re doing, how you’re helping the community, and how they can get involved.

Do you have any tips for posting videos on Facebook?

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