LCI and LCIF Respond to Oklahoma, USA Disaster

We are very saddened by the tragic tornado disaster in Moore, Oklahoma. Rest assured, the Lions are doing their part with the recovery efforts and will be there as members of the community for the long-term rebuilding efforts.

There are several thousand Lions in eastern Oklahoma, and the Lions of the world will be there to support them in this time of great need.

Right now, we are sending a Major Catastrophe Grant of US$100,000 from LCIF’s disaster relief fund. This grant will support Lions in affected areas to immediately begin providing aid to those in need, such as food, water, clothing and medical supplies.

We are also providing emergency grants to assist with other destructive storms that have impacted parts of the USA in recent days.

The community of Moore, and all the Lions Club members in the area, need our support today to help their neighbors.

You can help by contributing to the disaster relief fund of Lions Clubs International Foundation. Donations to this fund are Melvin Jones Fellowship eligible and help Lions.

We will keep you updated as needs are more fully known, now and for as long as it takes.



Wayne A. Madden                                       Wing-Kun Tam

International President                               Chairperson, LCIF

12 Comments on “LCI and LCIF Respond to Oklahoma, USA Disaster

  1. It was wonderful to see the response, we have received in Oklahoma. Thank you fellow Lions. It also was a blessing to work with Dr. Tam and the LCIF film crew. In Moore, OK today

    • It is always amazing to see how quickly Lions reach out to communities in times of need. Thank you for your support!

  2. A picture of our 3-H District Lions/LCIF response in Moore, OK. See more on the Lions Club District 3H Facebook page.

  3. District 3-H Lions Disaster Relief (Lions Alert) Committee are on the ground providing LCIF and other donated funds directly to affected families in the form of vouchers for emergency supplies. We appreciate all the donations, thoughts and prayers of our International Lions community! 3-H 2nd District Governor Dawn Miller

    • It’s wonderful to hear that Lions are helping families in need after this horrible tragedy. We serve!

  4. It was what the Lions do when tragedy strikes whether it is a tornado, hurricane, tsunami or whatever. The Lions are there to help make sure they get money to those who need it to rebuild their communities from the disasters that have happened. I am proud to do my part with my club to donate money for the people of Moore, Oklahoma who lost everything to tis devistating tornado that ripped through this suburb of Oklahoma City. I’ll find out more about the disaster at my club’s next meeting.

    • Yes! Serving, rebuilding and supporting communities — that’s what being a Lion is all about. Thank you for sharing!

  5. There have been lots of news reports on German TV about this catastrophe. Our best wishes go to the people of Moore and their local supporters.

  6. I am so very proud of the work of our Lions Clubs and the help we are able to offer the families of Moore, OK.

    • When disaster strikes, Lions are always there to provide the necessary relief and support! Thanks for your comment.