Your Feedback: Improving Club Meetings

We asked, and you answered! Here are Lions’ responses to the question:


 What suggestions do you have for improving your club meetings?


“Have an agenda / schedule, and follow it. Being organized is key to any meeting.

Listen while others are talking and take turns speaking.

Be respectful of others in the room.

Have guest speakers and visitors whenever possible.

Make the meetings fun and interesting. Your members should WANT to come and participate.”

–          Sean Burke, Nevada, USA


“Make them short, cut out the pomp, add humor and involve your guests – most importantly cut out abbreviations and explain to any potential members or guests not in the know what things are within the organization – seems to work for us in Littleport!”

–          Donna Cross, Witchford Village College


“A lot more community projects, making sure you have something for all ages in your club to be involved. Big smiles and a warm heart.”

–          Susan Osburn Jaggers, Portland Community College


“[Organize a] phone tree to remind members to attend, especially those who have been MIA. Have a program, an agenda and keep the meeting on course.”

–          Yvonne Kantola, California, USA


Invite members of your Leo club along to present a report on their club activities. This makes for a very interesting and inspirational evening.”

–          Lions Club Samford QLD, Queensland, Australia


“Encouraging new ideas and new approaches can widen the interest in Lions Clubs and in how meetings conduct themselves. If we adjust how meetings are conducted it can help in reaching to other demographics in society for instance simply, alternating or varying the venue of meetings, the structure of the meeting and even consider the time. A webpage, Facebook or Twitter update on a meeting can help. Maybe trying to host a meeting online with a public front/access to share and join in.”

–          Cardiff Lions Club, United Kingdom



Do you have any tips for improving club meetings?

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