LCI Leadership Webinars

Virtual training using online webinars offer a great opportunity to connect with experienced Lions faculty and Lions participants from around the world.  With a reliable Internet connection and a computer, participation is easy!  During the past Lions year, Lions from 80 districts registered for webinars including Africa, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Central and South America, Europe, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines and the United States.

The Benefits of Webinars

Webinars provide Lions the flexibility to participate in training from home or a location of their choice.  A participant in the “Managing a Service Project” webinar, Carolina Mendez, joined while on a trip to the Turks and Caicos Islands.  Another webinar participant, Club President Roger Curtis, said “I appreciate being able to enjoy training in the comfort of home on a cold winter night.”

How Webinars Work

A two-member Lions faculty team presents and facilitates each one-hour session. Participants use their computer with a robust Internet connection to join a webinar and respond to discussion questions by using a computer microphone (or headset), or by typing into the question box.  Region Chairperson Ruth Hounsome, a participant in the “Role of the Zone Chairperson” webinar, said “This was my first webinar and I thought the instructions were easy to follow and well done.”

The 2013-2014 webinar schedule is now online and includes topics like “LCI Ethics and the Role of the Leader,” “Club President: Leading and Managing,” and “Leadership Lessons from the Angry Birds!”

Check out the webinar schedule, view a short tutorial and register today!

Leadership Webinars are currently being conducted in English and Spanish.  For more information contact the Leadership Division at

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