Road Roariors: Week 1

Today’s post is by Lions Mark and Debbie Mansell, who are currently on a motorcycle journey across America to help support Leader Dogs for the Blind. Follow along each week as they recap this incredible adventure.

Turning an Idea into Reality

Riding our motorcycles through all the contiguous 48 states in 24 days for one great cause. Sounds kind of simple … right? It just seemed to roll off the tongue with such ease when the idea came to us nine months ago.

Well now we are actually out attempting to do just that. We have put in five straight days of riding for a total of more than 2,200 miles traveling through 10 states so far. Our bodies are now asking our heads, “Whose great idea was this trip anyway? Forty-eight states in 24 days on motorcycles without any rest days. Really?”

This questioning between our 52-year-old bodies and our young-at-heart minds has become our nightly ritual over the past week. What keeps us going is without question the people.

First and foremost, the people Leader Dogs for the Blind serves: their clients. But also keeping us going are the Lions around the country who are the inspiration for this trip in the first place. This trip is really a thank you tour to all that Lions do for those who have lost their sight. Having the chance to travel the country and thank as many Lions in person for their support of Leader Dogs for the Blind was our dream. A dream that we are actually living each day; 400 plus miles at a whack.

Lions Clubs International

Lions such as the Eustis Lions (Eustis, NE) and the Vermillion Lions (Vermillion, SD) who are just some of the wonderful and selfless people who have helped us forget about our sore muscles and achy backsides at the end of each long day. Lions like these terrific folks help us forget how tired and sore we are from this two-wheeled Lions adventure we are on. We look forward to meeting so many more Lions throughout the remaining 38 states and 7,000 additional miles over the next 19 days. What an experience we are having as two Lions in support of Leader Dogs for the Blind.

Follow us on to keep up with us and our daily trip updates.

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  1. Hey Lions International! Thank you for your support!

    • Thank you! It’s so exciting to be able to share such a wonderful story.