Road Roariors: The Final Stretch

Today’s post is by Lions Mark and Debbie Mansell, who are currently on a motorcycle journey across America to help support Leader Dogs for the Blind. Follow along each week as they recap this incredible adventure.

With the completion of Day 18, we find ourselves in Augusta, Georgia having traveled more than 6,300 miles through 35 states. Some might be thinking we only have 3,000 more miles and 13 states to go … “only.” This means we will need to average 500 miles per day for each of the final six days through some of the hottest part of the country in order to meet our goal of 48 states in 24 days.

Even though we are on schedule, we have the last third of the trip (mileage and number of states) over the final six days of the trip. The reason we planned the trip this this way was there were so many events and Lions gathering across the northern part of the country. We simply couldn’t fit them all in and still cover the necessary mileage to make each day equal.

There are long days in front of us, but we couldn’t be happier with our plan. This is thanks to what we’ve learned from the hundreds and hundreds of Lions we’ve met across the country. You see, when we meet Lions we always try to ask the question, “What’s going on in your club or district that your excited about?”

Lions Clubs International

We’ve learned there are everyday Lions going on missions around the world to provide eyes glasses, rebuilding homes and communities in our country from recent storm damage, raising Leader Dog puppies to help the blind, providing eye screening for school children, organizing and helping with youth summer camps for the blind and/or physically/mentally challenged, and on and on. We’ve witnessed first hand the excitement and passion our Lion brothers and sisters have for these efforts.

We have also heard of the wonderful fundraising efforts to be able to pay for their service projects. Lions are organizing demolition derbies, rodeos, cars smashes, vehicle raffles, sporting events, festivals, fireworks sales and so much more to raise the needed funds to pay for their service projects. We Lions are certainly a creative bunch, there is no doubt. So much work by so many in order to serve those in need.

Motorcycling for Leader Dogs has been such a tremendous blessing for both of us because of the gift of connection with so many Lions.  The price of needing to put in these high mile days near the end of the trip is a small price to pay in exchange.

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