Your Feedback: Lions Communication

We asked, and you answered! Here are Lions’ responses to the question:


What does good communication mean to you? How does your club communicate effectively?

The Westboro Lions Club meets twice a month. As the club secretary, I email a copy of the minutes to all Lions with email addresses. I also take it upon myself to try and call any members that have missed meetings in order to effectively communicate upcoming events and club responsibilities. I find it interesting that in today’s electronic world, the responsibility of Lions to verbally communicate with their membership has seemed to dissipate. I’m not trying to dissuade the use of electronic media but, simply put, verbal communication leaves no room for misunderstanding or miscommunication.


Monthly newsletters showing upcoming events well in advance. Weekly email blasts to those who have email capabilities.


Good communication is only determined by feedback. In my club, we use email, SMS, telephone calls, Blackberry group, social media (Facebook and Twitter) and visitation to communicate. Every member is carried along. Moreso, we try to get involved in social activities concerning each other and so all members have something to say. And NO QUESTION or COMMENT is regarded as stupid. We Roar in Abuja Metropolitan (District 404a)!


We communicate in several ways. We stay in very close touch by contacting each member by phone with good news and not so good news, for the King Lion’s call of a Board or Special Meeting, making additional arrangements for an activity. Every member is respected, important and welcomed to be heard at monthly meetings. We also have a monthly newsletter with club news and a Calendar of Events that keeps the club informed. Other communication is simply face to face, which is great. Basically, we’re friends who make up a Lion family.


Good communication means calling back or replying to emails of those who contact you in reference to joining.


Clear communication is important for every club to let members know about local volunteer opportunities, club news and events, meetings, projects and more. Do you have any communication tips to share?

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  1. In addition to emailing everyone that has an email address; I also mail out a hard copy to the other members. Considering the age of some of our members not all of them have moved into the email age that most of us work with on a daily basis. Additionally when we have a big event, installation banquet and Christmas Dinner I make invitations and mail to every member. By sending out hardcopies of newsletters and invitations to those major events our attendance has increased significantly at all club actitivies.

    • It’s definitely a great idea to use various methods of communication based on what your members use the most. Plus, people still love to get invitations in the mail! Thanks for the great feedback.