The Road Roariors Follow Their Dream

Today’s post is by Lions Mark and Debbie Mansell, who recently completed a motorcycle journey across America to help support Leader Dogs for the Blind.

We did it! On the 24th straight day of riding our motorcycles with 9,190 miles traveled to ride through all 48 states, we’ve completed our journey in support of Leader Dogs for the Blind.  This project, 48 states in 24 day for One Great Cause known as “Motorcycling for Leader Dogs” started as a simple idea and continued to grow and grow until it actually happened. With the help of so many, we have raised more than $35,000 to date.

So it was timely to hear at the same time we were finishing this Lions project that International President Barry Palmer’s theme for the upcoming Lions year is Follow Your Dream. That is exactly what we have done with the love and support of so many Lions and other Leader Dog supporters around the country. We feel so fortunate to be Lions and to be able to take on a project like Motorcycling for Leader Dogs.

Lions Road Roariors

Not everyone can or wants to ride their motorcycles through all 48 states in 24 days, and that is okay.  What being Lions provides us all is the opportunity to serve in any way we can.  We simply need to take President Palmer’s advice and imagine how we can turn our skills and talents, interests, or connections into ways to serve of others. There are so many ready made opportunities to serve. Yet we’ve seen first hand the creativity of so many who are following their own dreams and taking action in the many local, regional and international service opportunities we have as Lions.

Our advice is to let the service to others be the driver, and the energy will be sure to follow. A year ago, we had no idea we would be riding our motorcycles through all 48 states in 24 days. But it was our passion for wanting to help support Leader Dogs for the Blind as Lions that created the necessary energy to take on and complete such a project. In Lions there are ample programs to find your niche, you just need to explore and find the one that is right for you.

Follow your DREAM is a terrific theme for our upcoming Lions year! We are so blessed to be Lions and thankful to have a way to follow our dreams and serve those in need.

Follow us on for a look back at our journey.

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