LLC: Your Lions Profile Report

Have you taken online leadership courses in the Lions Learning Center (LLC)? If so, all of your progress is tracked in your personal profile! Once you complete a course, it will be saved in the Training History section of your Lions Profile. Creating a profile is an excellent way for you to keep track of your training experience and accomplishments related to leadership.

In addition to what is automatically tracked by the LCI online learning system, you can manually contribute to your profile. If you have participated in any leadership training programs outside of the LLC, enter those activities in your profile under the Other Training section. This includes other Lions training opportunities and training conducted by non-Lion providers. For example, if you attended a Lions Institute, participated in a leadership webinar, or even taken a leadership related workshop not sponsored by LCI, you can enter it into your profile. This personal record will allow you to showcase your leadership development and can be used to achieve future leadership goals.

How do you create your personal report? 

While in the Training History section of your account, click on Quick Reports, then on Lions Profile Report. You can then save the report as a PDF and share your accomplishments with others. You can also add your photo to your profile for a personalized Lions Profile Report.

We are sure this new feature will prove to be very valuable to Lions. In addition to keeping all of the courses and trainings you have completed in one place for easy access and reference, the report can be exported and emailed when marketing yourself for future leadership opportunities!

For more information on creating Lions Profile Reports in your LLC account go to the Frequently Asked Questions on the LCI website.

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