Start a Special Interest Lions Club

Lions clubs not only offer the opportunity to serve the community through volunteer work, but they can also provide a sense of family and belonging among members. This is especially true of special interest Lions clubs, through which members share a common interest (for example: ethnic heritage, profession, hobbies such as running, snowmobiling or motorcycling, and more) that can bring even more energy, commitment and connection within the club.

Other types of special interest Lions clubs include:

  • Cyber Lions Club – Online meetings are often more convenient than meeting at a specific location, especially for members who live far away or do not have flexible schedules. They also help reduce costs and encourage members to use today’s technology to connect and serve.
  • Champions Lions Club – This club’s primary focus is to serve Special Olympics athletes, working to empower those with intellectual disabilities and build more accepting communities.
  • Lions Quest Lions Club – In connection with the Lions Quest program, members focus on providing life skills, including effective communication and making smart choices, to children in kindergarten through grade 12.

Read more about special interest Lions clubs.

What interests do your Lions club members share?

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