Palmer’s Blog: Visiting Children in Penang

During my recent trip to Penang, Malaysia, I was very excited to meet the children and Lions of the Lions REACh (Resource and Education for Autistic Children) Center. After an impressive drum welcome performance, Lions showed me around the center, where they work closely with children to help develop speech, communication, social and motor skills. There is a computer room to teach reading and technology, and children also learn to make pottery and crafts, which they sell to help raise money for the center.

I was so touched to see how Lions are helping children in need follow their dreams!

The video above is a segment from a past issue of our Lions Quarterly (LQ) video magazine, and it can give you a better look at Lions in action at the REACh Center. I have no doubt you’ll be truly inspired by the services provided at the center.

Lions everywhere provide community services for children to address issues such as health, hunger, poverty, disease and more. What service activities does your club organize that are specifically geared toward children in your community?

Lions REACh Center

Lions REACh Center

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