Video: Lions Improving Literacy

Lions are committing at least 10 more years to the Reading Action Program (RAP), the literacy campaign that focuses on teaching children and adults worldwide how to read. RAP service projects include book donations, Braille programs, school and library improvements, and more.

Watch the video above to learn more about Lions RAP projects that are making a real impact.

How does your Lions club participate in the Reading Action Program?

2 Comments on “Video: Lions Improving Literacy

  1. I accidentally taught my daughter how to read at four and a half. I read like a six year old with my finger under the words and sounding them out. I deliberately made errors and corrected myself. After a couple of weeks, I paused with my finger under a character name and pretended that I did not know what it was. Within a second, she impatiently blurted out the name. I agreed and then asked in a surprised voice if she read that. She was surprised too. From that point on, I would nudge her and she would read the word I was pointing to. Like learning a vocal language, I started with character names, added in important nouns, followed by key verbs, and then adjectives and adverbs. She went from reading ten percent of the book to forty, to sixty, to eighty and very soon was reading a hundred percent of the book while I watched, waiting for that nudge that she needed me to read a word (that never came 🙁 ). She was reading a couple of years above her age before she started school so I put her in a French program to keep her from becoming bored. She graduated and is now taking German and Arabic at university.

    Rather than reading like an experienced adult, demonstrate how you learned to read as a six year old. The children are able to imitate this far easier.

    Lion Kathryn Giesbrecht
    Brandon Crocus Lions Club
    Brandon, Manitoba, Canada

    • Than you for sharing such a wonderful and inspiring story!