Build Your Lions Learning Profile Now!

Select from a menu of 20 different courses in the Lions Learning Center (LLC) for your Lions leadership development; from leadership and communication skills to management skills that achieve results. You choose your leadership development path!

You may be thinking, “How do I start to develop my skills?” You begin by creating an account, which is fast and easy. Go to the Lions Learning Center on the LCI website to see the list of courses, view a tutorial on how to create an account, and then click Course Registration Page.

For new users, upon arriving at the LLC Login screen, click on Create Account. Fill in the required information and click on Create New Account. Once you log in you will fill in your profile information, including your member ID number, district, preferred language, country and email address. Remember to click on Save when you are finished. You can add a photo to your profile, as well.

Now you can start taking online courses by using the LLC course catalog! The Lions Learning Center saves your course progress. In addition to keeping track of online courses, you can enter other trainings you have participated in, resulting in a complete personal training profile. This training summary can be shared with others by emailing your Lions Profile Report.

What are you waiting for? Create your LLC account and build your Lions learning profile today.

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