Roles of a Lions Sponsor

New member sponsorship is critical to ensuring your Lions club will continue to grow and serve your community for years to come. As a new member sponsor, you must take on several roles in order to successfully attract, welcome and retain new members:

  • Recruiter. Seek out enthusiastic people in your community who will bring energy, enthusiasm and ideas to your club. Share with them how Lions across the world are doing good through community service projects and activities – ask them to follow your Facebook page, give them the latest issue of the LION Magazine or invite them to your next event.  Be sure to find out what activities interest them, and let them know how the Lions club can help them achieve their dreams.
  • Host. Offer to accompany prospective members to a club meeting, and make them feel welcome by introducing them to current members. Encourage their involvement in club discussions by asking for their opinions and suggestions regarding upcoming activities.
  • Mentor. Once prospective members are inducted, it’s your responsibility to continue helping them feel a part of the group. Stay in touch as a source of inspiration and advice. Consider entering into the Lions Mentoring Program to help you and new members realize your true potential as Lions.

Learn more about inviting and sponsoring members.

How do you recruit and welcome new Lions?

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