Palmer’s Blog: Lions Services for Children Symposium

Lions, have you considered holding a Lions Services for Children (LSC) Symposium for your district or multiple district? If you have dreams to help underserved children follow and achieve their own dreams, then it’s time to look into how this program can provide the resources, tools and ideas you need.

Why Hold a Symposium

The purpose of an LSC Symposium is to determine new Lions projects and new ways for Lions to serve underserved children based on the community’s needs; and to develop collaborative relationships with key partners, such as educators and health care professionals who work with underserved children.

Achieve Your Dream

One of my dreams is to help underserved children break free from the cycle of poverty. The video above, which was shown at the Lions International Convention in Hamburg this past July, portrays the vicious circle of illiteracy – particularly highlighting the strong role that parents play in their children’s education. Service resulting from a well-thought out symposium focusing on education and the Reading Action Program, for example, can aid the end of this cycle of poverty.

Children’s health needs is another valuable topic for a symposium. By discussing health problems such as diabetes, vision loss and other disabilities, you can organize Lions projects that help children lead happier, healthier lives.

Getting Started

Visit the Lions Services for Children Symposium page to learn more about the program and submit an application.

What’s your dream for children, and how are you working to achieve it?

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