Lions Membership Satisfaction Guide

Let’s say you’ve recruited five new members into your club. Congratulations! You’re on the road to growing your club and improving your service activity projects. But once you’ve recruited new members, it’s just as important to keep them happy and coming back to meetings, projects and events.

The Lions Membership Satisfaction Guide is a valuable resource that helps Lions ensure their members feel welcome and comfortable. This involves defining membership satisfaction for your club, addressing membership issues and club culture, and making sure your club’s goals and objectives are clearly communicated.

Download the guide today and get started on your club’s Membership Satisfaction Plan.

How do you keep your Lions club healthy and vital?


2 Comments on “Lions Membership Satisfaction Guide

  1. To maintain a healthy club is necessary to strengthen respect the individuality of each and make each Lion recognizing the values ​​and limitations of each. Is not the total number of associates who make a club to be strong. It is the sum of the individual values ​​that make the club healthier, poignant and extraordinarily capable of serving.

    Osman Freitas, Leo ACL Switzerland, LA-3, Region “D”

    • That is so true. Each individual Lion is crucial to the strength and success of the entire club. Thank you!