Get Social, Get Members!

More than a billion people are on Facebook, and the average American spends 2.5 hours on mobile devices every day. People are connecting in new ways, which means there are new opportunities for your club to connect with service-minded citizens. Social media is a great, no-cost tool that can energize the way you promote your club and find new members. Here are some tips:

  • Use social media to share details for your October new member information session. When people “like” your post or retweet it, it shares the info with their entire social network.
  • Network by following the Facebook pages of businesses and organizations you support. Comment on their posts, start a conversation and invite them and their followers to learn more about your club. If you’ve added the Lions logo to your club account, it will display next to your name when you leave a comment for even better exposure.
  • Share stories and photos from your service projects. When people see the great work your club is doing, they’re more likely to join. Better yet, invite people to lend a hand at your next project and then invite them to join your club when they do.
  • Remember that social media is a conversation. So respond to comments, answer questions, and focus on the benefits of being a member of your club.
  • Once you get active on social media, stay active. The more you’re connected, the more likely you are to make connections—and get new members.

The Getting Started on Facebook and Twitter guide can help your club get up and running. Consider finding a Lion in your club who is active on social media for more help. Then get social, and get members in October!

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