Build Membership Through Club Excellence!

Successful clubs are in the best position to recruit and retain new members. The Club Excellence Process (CEP) is one of the most effective ways to keep your club on track for growth and success. CEP gives you the tools to strengthen your service, improve club effectiveness and enhance your membership experience.

We’ve made it even easier to participate in the program by offering two versions of CEP to choose from:

CEP proCEP Pro is designed for clubs that would like to have a trained Lion facilitator to come in and guide members through the workshop.

CEP Lite

CEP Lite is for clubs that would prefer to have a member of their club lead the workshop.

More than 2,000 clubs have registered for CEP since July. Your club will even be recognized with a banner patch when you complete CEP and submit a brief half-page report to LCI.  Share the CEP Overview at your next club meeting, and decide which version is right for your club. Learn more about CEP Today!

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