Palmer’s Blog: The Hart Walker

Lions: Hello from Australia! I’m here in Port Douglas for the Lions International Board of Directors meeting, and I just wanted to drop in and share an image, below, from our opening meeting on October 6. That’s Jessie, a young girl who, with the help of the Hart Walker, is following her dream of being able to walk.

Hart Walkers are one of the signature projects of Australian Lions. The first time I saw a child with disabilities empowered by the Hart Walker, my heart nearly melted. I feel the same way every single time I see children take their first steps in a Hart Walker. When I first saw the effect this amazing device had on children, that was the day I truly became a Lion.

Watch the video above to learn more about the Hart Walker and Freedom Wheels, two devices that allow children who lack mobility the opportunity to walk and ride a bike.

Lions Clubs International

Jessie demonstrates her Hart Walker to the Board. Watched by the Governor of Queensland and her mum and dad.

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