Lions Disaster Relief for Super Typhoon Haiyan

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Dear Lions,

I want to keep you updated regarding Lions relief efforts in storm-ravaged areas of the Philippines.  We immediately sent US$30,000 to provide relief early Friday morning.  This was prior to initial reports of the total devastation unfolding hour by hour.

By Friday afternoon, Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) provided a Major Catastrophe Grant of US$100,000.  But that’s not all.  As the storm struck, it happened that the OSEAL Forum was underway in Singapore.  The Lions from OSEAL within hours donated an additional US$370,000 designated funds for Philippines relief efforts, bringing the total funds to US$500,000.

As I said, reports are still coming in.  Officials now estimate that 9.5 million are affected, half million are homeless, and the death toll is rapidly rising.  Entire towns along the coast have been decimated.

There are more than 12,600 Lions in the Philippines in 380 clubs, with four clubs in Cebu, and one club in the disaster epicenter of Tacloban.  Lions on the ground were already busy serving people affected by last month’s major earthquake in nearby Bohol.

We now need to help Lions give relief-aid to those affected in the weeks ahead by this tragedy.  The magnitude of this storm is hard to imagine.  Some weather officials are calling it the worst storm to make landfall in recorded history.  To put it in perspective for some of you, the strength of Typhoon Haiyan was 3.5 times greater than Hurricane Katrina.

You can support your fellow Lions by making a donation to the Foundation’s disaster relief fund. These donations are Melvin Jones Fellowship eligible and help support Lions whenever a need arises due to natural disasters. 

Now is the time.  They need our help.  I will keep you updated in the days ahead.  As always, I want to thank you for your generosity.

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Wayne A. Madden

Chairperson, Lions Clubs International Foundation

4 Comments on “Lions Disaster Relief for Super Typhoon Haiyan

  1. Dear Lion,

    Thank you for your interest in serving others. While LCIF does not have a ShelterBox program, it does have a long-standing commitment to providing disaster relief and there are measures in place to provide aid in the Philippines. Lions and LCIF are mobilizing more than US$1 million in relief for the typhoon. When Lions donate to LCIF’s disaster relief fund, we are able to provide it to Lions on the ground who know what is needed and where it is needed. It is an instant response.

    In addition, 575 relief tent shelters are on their way, including 300 from the Lions of Sweden and their partner the Swedish Red Cross that will be put up by Save the Children, and 275 of the same tents from LCIF’s stocks. And, an initial amount of 56 water purification systems from LCIF, and the Lions of the British Isles and Ireland, are on their way by air; more will be sent in the days ahead. The Lions of Germany are sending up to 100 more. Thanks to our vast network of members, generous donations, local Lions and many others, we are able to provide immediate relief where it is needed, and will stay to provide long-term relief as long as needed. Please visit our website to learn more: Or, you can see all of Lions’ relief efforts through social media here:

    If you would like, you can make a donation to the disaster relief fund, here: Thank you for your consideration.

  2. Thank you for your concern and your service! Although Lions Clubs International and LCIF are not equipped to handle material donations, please feel free to use the Lion-2-Lion Resource Assistance Database (Lion-2-Lion Assistance) to make donations of this sort directly to the Lions in need:

    You may also use our Club Locator to connect with a Lions club in the Philippines:

    Anyone wishing to help financially may donate to LCIF’s disaster fund. All donations are eligible for Melvin Jones Fellowship recognition. Donations can be made online:

    For questions regarding donations, please contact LCIF at or (630) 203-3836.