Palmer’s Blog: Lions Respond to Typhoon Haiyan

Hello, Lions and friends. I’m currently in the Philippines, where just last week, Typhoon Haiyan wreaked havoc in central areas of the country. During times like these, when disaster strikes, we Lions are at our strongest. We may not be the first responders in areas hit by disasters; when the TV cameras are gone, that’s when Lions come in and we do the for work years afterwards.

Here are some of the ways that Lions have been responding in just the past few days:

  • Lions clubs within Southeast Asia pledged US$500,000 at the 52nd Orient and South East Asia Lions (OSEAL) Forum in Singapore over the weekend, to be donated to the victims of super typhoon Yolanda in Visayas and Mindanao.
  • Lions in Taiwan and Japan have pledged US$150,000 and US$120,000, respectively.
  • Working with Lions from the UK, LCIF is sending 56 units of LifeSaver water filtration systems to areas of the Philippines affected by the recent typhoon. Each unit can filter up to 20,000 liters of water, making potentially contaminated water safe to drink.

LCIF fundraising is so effective because we have a disaster fund, which allows us to instantly respond to catastrophic events around the world. One hundred percent of funds designated for Typhoon Haiyan Relief will go the relief efforts in the Philippines.

Funds will initially be used to meet immediate needs such as food, water and basic supplies. Once basic needs are met and the impacted areas have been stabilized, funding will be shifted to appropriate long-term and infrastructure needs as they are identified.

Your donations can help make a difference, so that those affected by the typhoon can stay strong and rebuild their lives.

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3 Comments on “Palmer’s Blog: Lions Respond to Typhoon Haiyan

  1. Thanks – I’ve updated the post to reflect your suggestion. Hopefully the quote reads more clearly now!

  2. This Thanksgiving holiday, it is fitting to reflect on the many LIONS who respond generously and SERVE to aid those who suffer nature’s fury such as Super Typhoon Haiyan aka Yolanda in the Philippines with a death toll of 10,000 and millions more impacted and/or displaced for years to come. We sincerely keep in our thoughts and prayers those LIONS who may have been in harms way and passed on SERVING others. Together, let us reach out and SERVE someone near or far by sharing our time, talent and/or treasure.

    • I’m certainly thankful for Lions everywhere who serve their communities every day. Thanks for your wonderful comment!