#LionsRelief: Where Donations Are Going

The LCIF disaster relief fund allows Lions to instantly respond whenever disaster strikes. One hundred percent of funds designated for Typhoon Haiyan Relief will go to the relief efforts in the Philippines. These funds are distributed to local Lions in the Philippines. There are nine districts, 380 clubs and more than 12,000 Lions ready to serve their fellow countrymen and rebuild their communities. The map pictured above and below shows the locations of the nine districts in the Philippines.

You can make an online donation to the Typhoon Haiyan relief efforts in the Philippines by going to the LCIF Disaster Relief Donation page and, in the Special Instructions Box, noting you’d like your donation to go to Typhoon Haiyan funds.

If you are filling out the LCIF Donation Recognition Programs form (PDF), be sure to note where you would like your funds to go under Special Instructions.

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7 Comments on “#LionsRelief: Where Donations Are Going

  1. Question for anyone that can answer. My Father-in-Laws girl friend is from the town of Laoang/Catarman in Samar and has family there (that she hasn’t seen for a long time.) We are trying to figure out how to contact them or find out their situation. Is there a Lions Club close enough to Samar that could help find out their situation?
    Any help would be great.

  2. Thank you LCIF for providing District 301-B1 Philippines with a $15,000 grant for Typhoon Haiyan Disaster Relief. We have done the relief distribution last weekend even though we have not yet received the funds since delivering the goods to the victims asap is critical. But sadly it is not enough for the areas ravaged by the Typhoon in Western Visayas, Philippines.


    You must be wondering why only $15,000 is mentioned and not the hundreds of thousands of dollars of donations that have been publicized. $15,000 is the allocation approved by MD301 for District 301-B1 coming from $30,000 initial grant provided by LCIF.

    But $15,000 is clearly not enough for the tens of thousands that are in need of immediate help in Western Visayas. Lions in 301-B1 have been continuing relief operations using their clubs’ project funds but sadly we are grasping at straws. We need more funding for large scale relief operations to ease the suffering that the communities in Western Visayas are going through.

    The sad part is that District 301-B1 has not received a single centavo of donation or pledge from outside of 301-B1 other than that $15,000 from LCIF that we have yet to receive. It is because all personal, club and district donations are being channeled to District 301-B2 which covers Eastern and Central Visayas. While Western Visayas which has been equally hard hit by Typhoon Haiyan is being largely ignored.

    I therefore humbly appeal to kindhearted individuals, Lions Clubs and Districts for support to enable us to conduct additional and immediate relief operations in Western Visayas.

    Thank you for your attention. We are Lions and we serve

  3. Thank you LCIF – but is this map accurate? Baguio and Metromanila were not touched by Yolanda?

    • Hi David. The map shows locations of Lions districts in the Philippines, not where the typhoon hit. Thanks!

  4. Thank you LCIF, I’m proud to be a Lion

    • Check back for regular updates about Lions relief efforts!