Palmer’s Blog: What’s Your Everest?

At the ISAAME Forum in Kathmandu, Nepal over the weekend, I had the honor of meeting six of the 10 Nepalese women who followed their dream by conquering Mt. Everest. And now, they’re following a new dream: To climb the highest peak in each of the seven continents! They’ve already got four down and three to go. These women are truly an inspiration to Lions everywhere.

Lions, I encourage you to find your Everest and conquer it for yourself. No matter how large or small your dream may be — follow it, achieve it and be stronger because of it.

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2 Comments on “Palmer’s Blog: What’s Your Everest?

  1. Congratulations for 10 Nepalese Women to achieve their dream. As LION, we should be find our EVEREST.

    10 Nepalese women

    • Yes — find your Everest and reach the TOP!