Webinar: Angry Birds Leadership Lessons

There is still time to register for the Leadership Lessons from the Angry Birds webinar on January 15 and January 24, 2014. The video game Angry Birds is a worldwide phenomenon. There is something about the game’s comical birds and mission of eliminating evil egg-stealing pigs that captures the imagination. While it may be a fun pastime for people, a closer look at the elements of the game reveal that fundamental leadership principles can be found within the game’s characters, missions and strategies.

The webinar includes ten leadership lessons from the Angry Birds such as “Make the Most of the Birds,” “The Importance of Leverage” and “There is More than one Way to Succeed.”  Best practices from established leadership experts are integrated and applied to our lives as Lions leaders.  Don’t miss this unique webinar!

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Learn more about this webinar and other upcoming webinars on the Leadership Webinars page.

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