Meet the 2013-14 Essay Contest Winner

Congratulations to the winner of the 2013-14 Lions International Essay Contest: Ashish Karki, age 12, from Nepal. He was sponsored by the Lions Club of Kathmandu Ramechhap. Below is an excerpt from his winning essay for this year’s theme, “Our World, Our Future”:

“What will be in the future? I always ask myself this question. Nobody is responsible for us. The modern era is deeply rooted with self-centeredness, violence, crime and lack of certitude. To eradicate these tendencies we have to bring the light of peace, justice, brotherhood, responsibility and rational human behavior through education. Education is true medicine of the mind if all the citizens of the world get access to education to create the better world and make it the best place.”

The essay contest was created to offer an opportunity to visually impaired young people to express their feelings of peace.

Does your club participate in the annual Lions Essay Contest?

3 Comments on “Meet the 2013-14 Essay Contest Winner

  1. It is very refreshing to know that even visually impaired kids like Ashish Karki has such outlook in life. While other people with no such impairment cannot think of how they can positively contribute to the society, Ashish, with his impairment, knows what the world really needs now.