Why MyLCI?

There’s no question that the best parts of being a Lion include serving the community, making an impact in people’s lives and making new friends (just to name a few). But when you’re a club or district officer, being a Lion also means behind-the-scenes administrative work that isn’t always fun, but is necessary for keeping track of members, improving service activities and running clubs smoothly.

That’s where MyLCI comes in. MyLCI is an online system that makes it easy to submit reports. If you’re a club officer or district officer, you can use MyLCI to help you complete various tasks:

Club officers can use MyLCI to…

  • Maintain member names, addresses and phone numbers
  • View and pay LCI Statements
  • Track your club’s service activity
  • Create club rosters and member mailing lists
  • Report your Monthly Membership

District officers can use MyLCI to…

  • View current membership for clubs in your district
  • View reports like the Monthly Membership Reporting History and the Missing Club Officers Report
  • Prepare for club visits
  • View service activity for clubs in your district

Visit the MyLCI web page to learn more about the benefits of MyLCI, how to get started and other Frequently Asked Questions.

Or, go straight to MyLCI and register now!

Do you use MyLCI? What’s your favorite feature?

4 Comments on “Why MyLCI?

  1. Yes, I use MyLCI all the time. My husband is zone chair and I look up names, addresses, date they became a Lion (so we ca give recognition), activities, etc. It’s a very thorough site. Thanks!

    • So good to hear that you’re taking advantage of all MyLCI has to offer!

  2. I use My LCI all the time I log on to the LCI website ,almost daily. My LCI has made a secretary’s job very easy. Sending WMMR , adding new members, adding sponsors, sending activity reports have all become very easy. My favourite feature ,when at the click of a button “no new members to add” to send the WMMR at the nd of the month…..

    • Thanks for sharing! I’m glad MyLCI has helped make your job easier.