Get Ready for Leo Club Awareness Month!

April is Leo Club Awareness Month — an opportunity for Lions to raise awareness about the importance of engaging young people in the community through youth programs such as Leo clubs. Consider sponsoring a Leo club and getting youth actively involved in community service, which can help them develop the skills needed to achieve their dreams and make an impact. Or, if there’s already a Leo club in your area, then plan a joint Leo-Lion service activity!

Project ideas for Leo Club Awareness Month include:

  • Organize hands-on Protecting Our Environment activities such as beach/park cleanups, tree planting or graffiti removal.
  • Invite Leos to help out at your next fundraising event.
  • Volunteer with Leos at a local women’s shelter or soup kitchen.
  • Plan a Reading Action Program activity that encourages Leos to share and read their favorite books to children.
  • Get Leos involved in Recycle for Sight.
  • Don’t forget to invite Leos to your Family and Friends event in April!

How is your club celebrating Leo Club Awareness Month?


  • CO Rocky Mtn Cyber Lions

    Colorado Rocky Mountain Cyber Lions celebrate Family and Friends month by hosting Lions Worldwide Induction Day Program April 26th. New Members: Mark Jones; Henrietta Jones; Lisa Kelly; Shelton Bouknight; Alton Rison; Edward Robinson; Kathy Thomas; David Washington; Charles Devereaux

    • lionsclubs

      Congrats to your club and all new Lions!

  • CHS Leo Club

    Thurmont Lions Club sponsors two Leo Clubs and included them during Youth Night, March 26…Leos are very involved in District 22-W…see our e-leoclubhouse

    • lionsclubs

      Way to get youth involved in your community! Leos are the future of Lions.