Get Ready for Leo Club Awareness Month!

April is Leo Club Awareness Month — an opportunity for Lions to raise awareness about the importance of engaging young people in the community through youth programs such as Leo clubs. Consider sponsoring a Leo club and getting youth actively involved in community service, which can help them develop the skills needed to achieve their dreams and make an impact. Or, if there’s already a Leo club in your area, then plan a joint Leo-Lion service activity!

Project ideas for Leo Club Awareness Month include:

  • Organize hands-on Protecting Our Environment activities such as beach/park cleanups, tree planting or graffiti removal.
  • Invite Leos to help out at your next fundraising event.
  • Volunteer with Leos at a local women’s shelter or soup kitchen.
  • Plan a Reading Action Program activity that encourages Leos to share and read their favorite books to children.
  • Get Leos involved in Recycle for Sight.
  • Don’t forget to invite Leos to your Family and Friends event in April!

How is your club celebrating Leo Club Awareness Month?


4 Comments on “Get Ready for Leo Club Awareness Month!

  1. Colorado Rocky Mountain Cyber Lions celebrate Family and Friends month by hosting Lions Worldwide Induction Day Program April 26th. New Members: Mark Jones; Henrietta Jones; Lisa Kelly; Shelton Bouknight; Alton Rison; Edward Robinson; Kathy Thomas; David Washington; Charles Devereaux

    • Congrats to your club and all new Lions!

    • Way to get youth involved in your community! Leos are the future of Lions.