Palmer’s Blog: Sightseeing in Italy

This week while I’m visiting Lions and Leos in Italy, I also got a chance to do a little sightseeing around Rome. It’s amazing to see ruins like the Colosseum, which has been standing for over 2,000 years! And I visited the Trevi Fountain, where the old saying is if you throw a coin in the fountain with your right hand over your left shoulder, you will return to Rome.

Lions Clubs International

In addition to a tour of the city, I met with key dignitaries and had lunch with PIP Grimaldi, ID Fresia, CC Pons and their lovely spouses. Also, a dinner with Leos, where I was reminded of how important it is to encourage youth to get involved in community service. I’m always inspired by the Leos’ energy and fresh new ideas.

Lions Clubs International

Speaking of Leos — are you planning any activities with your local Leos to celebrate Leo Club Awareness Month in April? Be sure to invite young people to your Family and Friends event in April, as well!

2 Comments on “Palmer’s Blog: Sightseeing in Italy

  1. Indeed, well-oriented and deeply motivated & inspired Leo Clubs is a great bank of future leaders of the association. Their early involvement in service activities makes them socially responsible individuals of the community. LCI helps produce responsible & productive citizens of every country that has LEO clubs.

    • I couldn’t agree more — Leos are our future leaders!