Palmer’s Blog: Peace Will Help Us Grow

In Lebanon this past weekend, I couldn’t help but be reminded of the theme of the first Lions International Peace Poster Contest: “Peace Will Help Us Grow.” Thirteen-year-old Mustapha El Tawokji from Lebanon won that contest for his beautiful depiction of a dove flying over a growing flower.

Lions in Beirut recently opened a new park on the original border site of East and West Beirut during the civil war. I attended the opening ceremony, releasing white doves as a sign of peace as well as planting an olive tree. With the opening of this park, a part of young Mustapha’s dream has come true, and I’m proud to say that the Lions helped make it happen.

The video above is a nice look back at the first Peace Poster Contest, and how the contest has affected Mustapha’s life and vision of peace. The contest is still going strong today; you can order a kit for this year’s theme, “Peace, Love and Understanding.”

Lions Clubs International

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