Lions Quest Recognized by UN

Last week, the United Nations Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND) held its 58th Session in Vienna, focused on the issue of drug use among youth worldwide. The CND meeting is the largest anti-drug event on the UN’s calendar. Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) staff was on hand to discuss how Lions Quest has been proven a successful tool in addressing this problem around the world.

During the “Innovations in Youth Drug Prevention” seminar, Lions Quest was recognized alongside a number of other leading programs. Michael Botticelli, Director of the US Office National Drug Control Policy, listed Lions Quest among the programs known to reduce risk factors and increase protective factors that help prevent drug use among young people. LCIF staff presented the results of different studies that show that Lions Quest has successfully reduced alcohol, tobacco and marijuana use in multiple countries, including the US, Colombia, Paraguay, Peru, Japan and Czech Republic.

A panel discussion about “The Role of School-Based Social Emotional Skill-Building in Youth Prevention” highlighted the effective collaboration between LCIF and the UNODC in Serbia. Gilberto Gerra, Chief of the UN’s Office of Drug Control (UNODC) Drug Prevention and Health Branch, congratulated LCIF for sponsoring an evidence-based program that has proven successful in so many countries.

At a separate panel discussion, leading experts presented results of a cost-benefit analysis of various drug use prevention programs. That analysis shows that every US$1 invested in Lions Quest’s Skills for Adolescence saves more than US$5 in future costs.

Lions Quest programs are active in more than 90 countries, impacting 13 million youth all over the world. As more and more governments and NGOs take notice of the program’s accomplishments, LCIF continues to find new partners to help expand the program. A newly revised curriculum will be available soon.

Learn more about how Lions Quest prevents substance abuse and how your local Lions club can get involved.


6 Comments on “Lions Quest Recognized by UN

  1. Bålsta is a suburb 30 minutes north of Stockholm, Sweden. Lions Club Bålsta has during the last year supported Lions Quest seminars for staff in all the pre-schools in
    the community. These seminars were co-sponsored by Lions Club Bålsta, the local
    School Board, and the Lions Quest Foundation in Sweden. The seminars were a
    success, and very appreciated by the participants. Last week, the club held a
    presentation for the School Board, and now the plan is to offer seminars to all
    the schools in the community. Great job Lions Club Bålsta!

    • Keep up the great work! Thank you for sharing!

  2. An example of synergy.
    5 Lions Clubs (Roma Ara Pacis, Pomezia, Roma Urbe, Ciampino, Monte Porzio Catone) sponsored A LIONS QUEST COURSE “Adolescence Project” at Umberto
    Nobile School in Ciampino (Rome – Italy). Teachers from different schools of the
    area attended with enthusiasm “a singular experience” as they defined it during the closing ceremony. The attendees experimented and learned strategies to help their students in developing social and emotional behavior.
    The five Lions Clubs have been able to sponsor the project by putting together their limited resources. WELL DONE! (By Giuseppe Coco)

    • Sounds like it was a very successful event. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Very good initiatives taken by Lions Clubs International. Our home club LIONS CLUB KATHMANDU LALIGURANS, NEPAL also sponsored a school recently . They are soon going to apply the Lions quest themes in the school.