40 Million People Benefited…and Counting!

The Centennial Service Challenge numbers are in: During the 2014-15 year, Lions served 40 million people through environment, youth, hunger and vision service activities. We’re almost halfway to our goal of serving 100 million by 2018! Great work, Lions!

Here is the breakdown of people served by each campaign:

  • Youth: 15 Million
  • Environment: 10.5 Million
  • Hunger: 7.5 Million
  • Vision: 7 Million

Where there’s a need, there’s a Lion. Keep planning projects that make an impact, and don’t forget to report your activities using MyLCI. Share your Centennial projects by submitting a photo to LCI, or post your photo on Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag #LIONS100.

4 Comments on “40 Million People Benefited…and Counting!

  1. In District 316F we have taken very good initiative to plant the trees, one of the prestigious project in Government of Telangana,India has started implementing Project called Haritha Haram that is to plant the trees in this state in three years 150 crores saplings to be panted upto 2017-18, As Lions Club we have approached the government we will be part of your program in planting the trees in various areas involving youth particularly school students, college students and other communities. And they have accepted our concern they have issued that Lions will be involved in this great project. In this July month many of the clubs have taken Tree Plantation programs by educating students to protect and plant the trees to save our environment. This year in Telangana they have planned to plant 40 Crore trees in various area. Proud to say that Lions have involved in this great project organized rally, organized seminars in shcools through local artist in villages, planted trees in various schools, communities etc.,It was headed by Lion D Narsimha Raju mjf District Secretary Environment 316F, India.I have published book let on Environment to bring awareness in our society. We are planning in August 19th 2015 to 26th August 2015 on Environment to conduct tree plantation program whole week in our District 316F it was decided by South Indian multiples on the occasion of Centennial celebrations . And It will be taken whole lionistic year by bring awareness on Environment by conducting Community Clean projects, Tree plantation, Save Environment, Save Trees, Save Energy, Water, Fuel etc., Reduce Plastic and Recycle of paper etc.,

  2. I Love Being lion. It is very rewarding to help people , is simply giving love and turn tears into smiles .
    Débora Lima – Lions Clube Tamandaré / Brasil

    • Thanks for sharing your love of being a Lion! It’s a great feeling!