Lions Respond to Global Diabetes Epidemic

There are an estimated 387M people worldwide suffering from diabetes and this number is expected to increase to 600M by 2035. Diabetes has reached global epidemic proportions. The good news is diabetes is preventable through education, awareness, and early intervention.

Since the 1980’s, Lions have made concerted efforts to stem the growing tide of diabetes – through awareness building events, screening activities, and donations to LCIF’s grant programs, which support the development of comprehensive healthcare systems. From July 1 to October 31 alone, 459 Lions clubs have reported 815 diabetes awareness and education events benefitting 239,732 people. The numbers for diabetes screenings are equally impressive with 124,872 people served in just 4 months.

For those Lions who are already involved in diabetes prevention efforts, don’t forget to share with LCI and LCIF what you are doing, the impact you are making, and what additional resources you need to increase your impact. You can share your stories through Submit a Photo, MyLCI Service Activity Report, or by emailing

For those Lions who want to learn how to get their club involved, please visit and for project planning resources and funding opportunities. Or make a donation to LCIF today to support Core 4 Diabetes and SightFirst grants. Email for more today. We look forward to hearing from you!

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