Leos and Lions Come Together For Children with Special Needs

Leos reading to children with disabilities

April is Leo Club Awareness Month! To celebrate and recognize Leo clubs, the Lions Blog will feature stories about Leo service projects around the world. Today’s story features the Iloilo Host Premier Leo Club in Philippines. This Omega Leo Club celebrates its second anniversary this month. It was chartered in April 2014 by the Iloilo Host Lions Club.

Iloilo Host Premier Leos organized a service activity for children with special needs. Leos invited neighboring clubs to participate in the activity. Leos helped demonstrate proper hand-washing techniques as well as dental hygiene. During lunch, Leos also read stories to the children. In addition to partnering with other Leo clubs, the Iloilo Host Premier Leo Club invited its sponsoring Lions club to contribute to the project by donating food and vitamins for the children.

Lions and Leos serving together

“The key to a successful service project is teamwork. If you are planning to have a service project in your local community, you have to communicate with your sponsoring Lions Clubs for them to facilitate things that they could sponsor. At the same time, invite or coordinate with other Leo Clubs in your district. In this way, it will make the work easy to accomplish. Working together makes impossible turn possible.” – Leo Miles Armada of Iloilo Host Premier Leo Club

During Leo Club Awareness Month, Leos and Lions are encouraged to serve together and make a difference within their communities. Clubs that successfully collaborate together can apply for the Leo Lion Serving Together Banner Patch.

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