Leos and Lions Make Big Impact in Texas Community

Leos with food donations

April is Leo Club Awareness Month! To celebrate and recognize Leo clubs, the Lions Blog will feature stories about Leo service projects around the world. Today’s story was submitted by Leo Lily Jameson, President of the Lago Vista Leo Club in Texas, USA.

Almost sixteen years ago, the Lago Vista Lions Club sponsored the charter of the Lago Vista Leo Club. Today these two clubs work together on a variety of service projects to address the needs of their community. Three years ago, the Lago Vista Leos began their Thanksgiving Boxes project with the goal of providing families with traditional Thanksgiving dinners. Now the event has become an annual day long affair supported by Lago Vista Leos and Lions.

The Leo Club worked with a local store to secure a weekend for the fundraiser. Then, the club officers coordinated time slots for Leos to gather, sort, and pack the boxes of food.

On the day of fundraiser, the Leos passed out their fliers with food listed by aisle to make shoppers’ purchases easier. The fundraiser exceeded the club’s expectations. The Lago Vista community responded with such fervor for the project that the club ended the day with over two thousand pounds of food! Beyond Thanksgiving, the Leos were able to provide a sustained impact with enough staple and pantry food to feed thirty-five families for a month.

Food collected by Leos

In their signature project, the Lago Vista Leos take on a great deal of initiative with more than a third of their club involved in some capacity. Further, they invite their sponsoring Lions to work jointly on the project to pack boxes and collect cash to later buy turkeys. Their advice to Leo clubs interested in organizing a similar project is to contact local places of worship and schools to see what needs there are in your community, especially during the holiday season.

The Leo Club Program gives young people the opportunity to serve their communities, develop leadership skills, make new friends and have fun! Learn more about the Leo Club Program and find out how to start a Leo club in your community.   

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