Wildfire burning uncontrollably in Alberta, Canada – LCIF approves a US$100,000 major catastrophe grant

Dear Lions,

Right now there is a wild fire burning uncontrollably in the vicinity of Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada, that has engulfed thousands of acres, destroying nearly 2,000 homes and businesses.  The entire city of Fort McMurray – population 80,000 – has been evacuated.  It is the largest mass evacuation in the history of Canada.  And still, the fire burns.  There is currently no timeframe for when the fire will be extinguished, no estimate of how many more homes and businesses will be lost, and no time table given to those who have been displaced as to when they might return to begin reconstructing their lives.

The Lions of Canada are formulating a plan with regard to how best to respond to this natural disaster.  They are working with government officials and other agencies to assess what is needed.

Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) has approved a US$100,000 major catastrophe grant to allow Canadian Lions to provide much needed assistance.

Your donations allow LCIF to respond when and where needed.  This is the third major catastrophe in the past three weeks.  We are providing assistance to our Canadian brothers and sisters even as assistance continues to flow into Japan and Ecuador in the aftermath of devastating earthquakes there.

Our thoughts are with the victims of this latest disaster.

Thank you Lions for your generosity.


Dr. Jitsuhiro Yamada
International President

Joe Preston
Chairperson, Lions Clubs International Foundation

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7 Comments on “Wildfire burning uncontrollably in Alberta, Canada – LCIF approves a US$100,000 major catastrophe grant

  1. The Ft McMurray Tarsands Lions Club appreciates all of the calls, emails and support being offered. Our District C 1, Alberta Canada has been amazing. I have never been more proud to be a Lion.
    Thank you,
    Annette Hall, Treasurer
    Ft McMurray Tarsands Lions
    Alberta, Canada

  2. Not only is LCIF doing a great job, Lions across Canada are partnering with Canadian Vision Care (CVC) the registered charity that usually works with Lions clubs in the developing world to bring free eye care and eye wear to those in need. CVC is supported financially by many clubs in Alberta and across Canada for these international efforts. Led by the efforts of Lion Dr Gerry Leinweber, over $1,000,000 (Ca $) have been provided to the evacuees in the first 3 weeks after the fire.

  3. Sorry to know that. I chared International Presedent’s messages to lions members in D. 310 B Thailand and invited them to donate to disaster relief the victims of wildfire burning in Fort McMurray,Canada.

    • Thanks for your good wishes and donations. This kind of support is very important to us. Helping through Lionism.

  4. Lions. Greatest World Wide. Club. Many caring volunteers. Helping people in need

  5. And THIS is why I LOVE Lions!!! <3