Service Learning is an Important Aspect of Lions Quest

Ed Willkie Middle School students

Lions around the world know that Lions Quest is LCIF’s social-emotional learning program. Social-emotional learning has been proven again and again to decrease problem behaviors like bullying and substance use and increase positive behavior patterns like self-discipline and conflict resolution.

There’s more to Lions Quest, though. Lions Quest also emphasizes service-learning; students learn important leadership skills by organizing and carrying out
school and community service projects. According to the Corporation for National and Community Service, students who are involved in helping out in the community are happier at home, less likely to use alcohol or other drugs, and more successful in, and committed to school.
Lions Quest logo

Lions Quest is alive and well in the Eagle Mountain-Saginaw Independent School District in Eagle Mountain, Texas, USA, and the students there are very
involved in service learning. Students at Ed Willkie Middle School in Fort Worth kicked off their community service by greeting veterans, active military, and guests as they handed out buttons, programs, and flags at the Saginaw Veterans Day Memorial Service.

After the ceremony, they helped serve each guest a BBQ dinner. When it was over, the students cleaned up.  Students from nearby Saginaw and Boswell high schools also pitched in. Students also wrapped boxes of donations for a local
food pantry organization.

It was a day filled with helping others.  As one student put it, “This was fun to help those who have given so we can be students today.”

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