A Lion’s Secret to Social Media Success

Did you know two of the top five most visited websites are social media sites? In an average day, 4.5 billion likes are generated on Facebook! There’s no doubt that Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn and other social media sites allow users to connect with a wide audience, but in a sea of posts, how can your club get noticed?

The key to a thriving club

One Lion found success in a social media campaign. He managed to grow his club from 21 members to 63 members in just one year. How did Zone Chairperson Jerhavon Pearman do it?

According to Chairperson Pearman (District 18-I), the key to a thriving club is “the next generation.” Everyone wants to attract younger members and bring them into their clubs, but you need to get their attention, and nothing works for that like social media!

Utilizing Facebook ads

When the GGC Campus Lions Club, from Georgia Gwinnett College, first chartered they formed a Public Relations Committee of computer savvy members. The team worked together to create a Facebook and Instagram page for their club. Their main goal was to share with other campus members all the service projects they were doing to better the community. They also decided to pay for a Facebook advertisement. This helped them expand their social media reach. Their Facebook page was promoted on pages of different websites that helped get their name out there, and got people interested in their club.

Facebook ads can be done for free. These ads can get your page more views, likes, comments or shares. They allow you to add a website address as well, which can help drive traffic to your E Clubhouse site. Another feature is the ability to choose the audience you target. You just need to complete some form fields and you can target by location, age, gender, interests and more. GGC Campus Lions Club focused on location, aiming to attract people who were near them.

Communicating with various audiences

Another tactic the GGC Campus Lions Club used was to post statuses in different languages. Chairperson Pearman speaks and writes in six different languages and would create content in all of them to post on their Facebook page. This helped them reach an even larger demographic, and helped them get a diverse group of Lions together!

Seeing Results

At the conclusion of the year, GGC Campus Lions Club gained 42 members, and Chairperson Pearman attributes the success to social media. He said, “Not only does it increase membership, but it creates this sense of proudness! You as a Lion, you are showing your pride and your natural character.”

Learn more about the GGC Campus Lions Club and other ways you can use social media to help you club by viewing our webinar, “5 Ways to Increase Your Clubs Social Media Engagement”.

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