LCI Forward: A Glimpse of the Future

For 100 years, Lions have left their mark on the world by giving help and hope to its most vulnerable populations. As we enter our second century of humanitarian service, the world needs us now more than ever.

In order to meet the emerging needs of our changing world, we’ve developed a five-year plan called LCI Forward.

What is LCI Forward?

LCI Forward is a road map for Lions to plan, implement and achieve our vision for a better future. It’s designed to help Lions triple our humanitarian impact and serve 200 million people a year by 2021.

To accomplish this incredible feat, LCI Forward focuses on:

  • Enhancing our service impact and focus
  • Reshaping public opinion and improving visibility
  • Pursuing club, district and organizational excellence
  • Improving membership value and reaching new markets

lci forward

We need your help!

We’re encouraging Lions and Leos to come together to increase our impact by serving in their communities and inviting their families, friends and neighbors to join them in service. Visit the LCI Forward page to learn more and get a special glimpse into the future of Lions Clubs International, and how together, we’re changing the world for the better.

The LCI Forward Plan video is available in all languages on YouTube.

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