#LDUN Spotlight: Leo Deborah Herlan

Meet Leo Deborah of Düsseldorf-Rheinmetropole Leo Club (Germany). Deborah will speak at this year’s Lions Day with the United Nations on March 4, 2017 on issues related to refugees and inclusion. Interested in hearing Leo Deborah speak at LDUN? Register by clicking the button below.

What do you enjoy most about being a Leo?

The best part of being a Leo is that charity and leadership get a new perspective. Getting your hands dirty and redecorating an orphanage with your Leo friends is an indescribable feeling. As a Leo, I have the possibility to change things and further develop leadership skills by going out of my comfort zone.

Why is it important that we address the refugee crisis?

We are all affected by the refugee crisis, no matter where we live or how much contact we actually have with refugees. As human beings, it is our duty to support those who are in need and give importance to every single person’s life. The life of a child who is fleeing from the war in Syria matters as much as the life of a child who is safe and sound in Germany. Together, we can address the refugee crisis took if we start recognize the importance of all lives and cooperate.

How have Leos in Europe addressed issues related to the refugee crisis?

There are many different activities organized by European Leos to support refugees. We collect groceries and clothes for families; we show new refugees our cities and help them become oriented. Unfortunately, the government makes it sometimes challenging to support refugees since policies make refugees change places too soon to acclimate in their new area. But Leos in Europe do their best to make all refugees feel welcome, wherever they can!

How can young people take action and get involved?

First of all, don’t be afraid of leaving your comfort zone and try something new! It is so easy to help. You can organize a “sports and fun” day with some refugee children. The children are so grateful, and it is so important to provide them a childhood with games and fun. Or you can teach refugees your language. I did it several times, and it was really fun. You even learn some things as well.

What about Lions Day with the United Nations excites you the most?

I am excited to give refugees a voice at the United Nations and to show the great work Leos in Europe do. European Leos can serve as role models for young people. We can show them that service is fun, and together, we can make an impact!

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