You Can Make a Difference for Famine Victims in East Africa

A mother carries her infant on her back and supplies on her head

The United Nations (UN) has made its first declaration of famine since 2011. A formal famine declaration means that people have already died of hunger. The combination of drought, insecurity and economic instability means that millions of people in Kenya, South Sudan, Somalia and other countries could face drastic food shortages by May 2017.

Rivers and wells have dried up. Livestock are dying and food prices are skyrocketing. Children are being forced to drop out of school and entire families are
migrating in search of food and water. Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) and local Lions are working to offer aid to as many people as possible. The Lions of Multiple District 101 in Sweden teamed up with Kenyan Lions of District 411-A recently to provide supplies to 600 families affected by the famine.

Women wait in the sand for supplies

An elderly woman sits on the ground with food donated to her by Lions









You can help support relief efforts in East Africa by making a donation to LCIF’s disaster fund. Be sure to note “East Africa Famine” to designate your donation for this disaster. Donations made to LCIF’s disaster fund are eligible for Melvin Jones Fellowship credit. Donate to LCIF

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