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Dear Lions,

Measles is a highly contagious disease. Those that survive are often left with serious complications, including brain damage, hearing loss and blindness. Perhaps the saddest part about this is that, for about US$1, a simple vaccine provides immunity against measles.

Several years ago, we Lions committed to raising US$30 million for Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, by 2017. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the United Kingdom’s Department for International Development (DFID) will match our contributions, for a total of up to US$60 million mobilized for the fight against measles.

We still need to raise approximately US$7 million to fulfill our promise to the world’s children. I am asking each and every Lion to renew your dedication to the fight against this deadly disease. Together, we have vaccinated millions of children. But the work is not done and we cannot rest until it is. Please make a donation today to LCIF’s measles fund so that no more families have to endure the heartbreaking loss of a child to measles.

Providing measles vaccinations is important to the children who receive them and to their families. But it is important to a much wider audience, too. With a simple vaccine, we can prevent pain, suffering, debilitating complications and even death. When we take away the risk of preventable disease, we allow families, communities and entire countries to focus on other pressing needs, like education, employment and economic growth. Vaccines work to make our world safer and more secure.


Dr. Jitsuhiro Yamada
Chairperson, Lions Clubs International Foundation

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