How Leo Clubs Changed My Life: From Lion Bob

Greetings Fellow Lions,

I would like to share with you some of my experiences with Leo clubs. I am the MD Leo chairperson, so obviously I support Leo clubs. Let me explain why they are so important to your club and to Leos.

I have seen young Leos come in as quiet, unsure, insecure members who leave as leaders of their club. Leo club gives students a safe place to make mistakes and then learn from that mistake. Nothing is better than to receive a letter from a Leo thanking you for giving them the opportunity to better their life.

Let me tell you a specific example of a changed life. This life is MY life.

When I joined Lions, I was terrified of speaking publicly. I would not take a leadership role. I thought the height of my leadership involvement would be Lion Tamer. Not a very high aspiration.

Early on, I was asked to take charge of the awards committee. That was easy, behind-the-scenes work, so I accepted. While learning about different awards, I read about Leo clubs. I had no idea what a Leo club was or how it functioned. However, I decided to try.

I can honestly say that I had no idea what I was doing. Yet, two Leo clubs were formed, and they continue today. I was a new Lion, highly unqualified and yet we got it done. I have never been a Lions club president, and yet I am the MD Leo chairperson. I have planned five Leo Conferences including Leo Day at the USA/Canada Lions Leadership Forum, and I was voted South Carolina Lion of the Year.

You never know what the Leo Club Program can do for you. However, I fully believe that it can be the starting point of something great.

Trust me, if I can start a Leo club, anyone can.

Lion Bob Cox

Lion Bob Cox is a member of the Blythewood Lions Club in South Carolina, USA. He is the advisor for both the Blythewood High School Leo Club and the Westwood High School Leo Club.