Making Progress in the Fight Against Trachoma

Trachoma Prevalance map of Uganda

In January 2017, the SightFirst Advisory Committee awarded a US$1,500,000 grant to the Lions of Uganda and Kenya through the partnership between the Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust (QEDJT) and Lions Club International Foundation (LCIF). This grant supports trachoma surgeries in extension districts of Uganda and all endemic counties of Kenya.

The original target of the first SightFirst grant in Uganda in collaboration with the QEDJT was to reduce the Trachomatous trichiasis TT surgery backlog by 65% in Karamoja and Busoga sub-regions. Twelve of the original 17 districts in these sub-regions have reached their ultimate intervention goal, and five districts in the Karamoja sub-region are close to reaching their goals. In these remaining districts, there are an estimated 1,700 TT cases remaining in the backlog.

Lions are working with the QEDJT and LCIF funds are expected to support 7,250 TT surgeries in Kenya and 4,500 in Uganda over a yearlong period.

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