Lions Teaching Lions: Become a Lions Certified Instructor!

As a Lion, there are so many opportunities to learn and grow, so we can serve our communities in the best way possible. Who better to help Lions navigate through community service and leadership roles than other Lions?



WHAT: The Lions Certified Instructor Program (LCIP)

WHO: We’re looking for Lions who have experience as a trainers or educators!

WHY:  Certified instructors who have passed our new program can help improve learning opportunities at LCI-directed institutes, DGE seminar and other training related events.

HOW: Click the link below for more details on the program, qualifications and how to apply!





Learn the benefits of becoming Lions faculty from Lions themselves. It’s a rewarding experience that allows you to learn more, grow your network, and expand your reach to communities around the globe!


“The connection made with the participants is the best part of being a faculty member.  Seeing Lions grow in knowledge and skills making them stronger Lions, ultimately leads to better service for our communities. To see new Lions gain confidence and experience was powerful. 

As Lions we always need to grow and continue to learn. Being a faculty member engages me to keep      growing. There is always something to be learned at any training or learning experience.”

  • Jama Wahl, GLT Area Leader, USA

“The most valuable takeaway I experience from being a Lions Faculty includes understanding the different cultures, way of living, standard of educations, personal  desire/ambition, and abilities of the participants.

It’s not a one-way street anymore; there’s great communications and appreciations amongst the faculties and participants.”

  • Ben C. Ng, Past District Governor, Malaysia


“Without a doubt what I love most about being part of the faculty, is to watch people evolve and become more self-assured from the moment they get there. They enter hesitant and unsure what to expect and they leave confident, motivated and inspired.  Lions and Leos all have a desire to improve themselves, their clubs, the community and the world around them!

Every benefit that you give to the attendees is every benefit you receive back in return tenfold. Lions Clubs International has changed my life considerably. It has changed how I prepare and do business as well as my personal life.  I benefit from every class I prepare for and do.”

  • Brian Sheehan, Past International Director, USA

“I love the adrenaline each institute generates in me. It is a real challenge to prepare the lessons, to think of how Lions might enjoy working or dealing with different topics and activities. It is fun to meet the other Faculty members, we have a great time together besides we learn a lot from each other.”

  • Moni Segura, Past District Governor, Argentina


Becoming Lions faculty ensures that LCI has a strong trained team of Lions delivering a consistent curriculum throughout the Lions world. Experience as faculty has provided me and continues to develop my personal leadership, facilitation skills, and growth as a Lion leader.

  • Polly Voon, Past Council Chairperson, Canada



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